Here you will find the Policies of the Box:


Your Right to a Clean Facility

  • Re-rack all weights even if you did not use them, the location is not where it is most convenient, but rather where they’re supposed to go
  • Leave the Box in better condition than you found it
  • Don’t track rain, dirt or mud onto the Box floor unless you plan on cleaning it up
  • Keep the chalk in the chalk buckets or on your hands, NOT on the floor


Conditions Regarding “Attitude”

  • Come to train, not “workout”
  • Leave your personal drama at the door on the way in
  • Check your ego at the door on the way in
  • No excuses, train like a champ
  • No whining or bitching
  • No “snitting” (un/intentionally miscounting reps during a workout)
  • Help others be better than you


Provisions Concerning Hygeine

  • Use/wear deodorant
  • Wear clean clothes, stinky clothing that has not seen a washing machine in a week is unacceptable
  • Don’t spit in the Box unless you plan on cleaning the entire Box
  • If you puke, you clean it!
  • Don’t make a mess in the bathrooms
  • If you’re contagious, stay home!


Right of Respect

  • Be on time
  • Respect others
  • No excessive use of profanity. (Please note, we are not G-rated) ;-)
  • In the Box, we are all equal.



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